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产品详情/Product Details

Product Description

1.Strong absorbency

2.Reusable more times

3.Lint free

Application: multi-function, restroom, Bathroom, office, hotel, etc


Aqua tissue  compressed towels  Details


100% viscose


40g/m2,45g/m2, 50g/m2




200pcs/bag,500pcs/bag, 8pc/tube, 10pcs/tube


1) Harmless to your skin and to the smooth surface

2) Highly water absorbent, get rid of oil and water easily and lint free

3) Excellent in quality and reasonable in price

4) Market:Europe,Korea,Japan,America,Middle-east, etc.


It is made of 100% viscose,it has super absorbent power,and can be reusable,which is very extensively used in families, hotels, restaurants,supermarket, hospitals, kindergartens and food processing factories,but quality goods at reasonable price.


We can customize the products and package as per your requirement from material,weight,size, color and package design.



Our factory started to produce compressed owels in 2003, and officially established in 2006. We have more than 10 years experience of this field. And we sell our products to trading companies and to Korea, Japan, America, European countries, as well as Middle-east countries.

Now we directly sell our products to foreign countries with factory price that is competitive and reasonable.

We have international standard management of our workshop to be bacteria-free, dust-free and sealed. We make our

products of medium and up-class. We have received high reputation from our customers at home and abroad.


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